The Unique Experience of The NewzJazz Project

The NewzJazz Project is a collaboration of people excited about the rapid change in the news media industry. We bring together a variety of viewpoints and experience. While the news media is very public with its products for consumers, news media businesses present all the glamour and little substance. The NewzJazz Project brings you the hard reality of running a news media business and dealing with a challenging business environment every day.

If you look into the news media business, you will likely find overwhelming material on journalism. Especially the details of journalist ethics, or how to write articles according to the Associated Press Stylebook. While this is important if you are a reporter, it obscures any information available on running a news media business. There is lots of information on reporting for a newspaper, not much on running a successful newspaper.

Newspapers are also a dwindling news media business. Broadcast is thriving, news video channels on YouTube are thriving, podcasts are thriving, so many associated services and advertising agencies are thriving, there is much more to the news media business world. And almost all of those businesses are changing, usually due to the impact of new technologies.

If you are looking for a career in the news media business, you need a compass to show the way to enduring success. You need to know what jobs will persist, what jobs provide a ladder to prosperity. The NewzJazz Project can help, even if you are mid-career already. Sometimes it is time for a change. Looking at the broad scope of the news media business and its trends helps steady your life on unsteady ground. This is material you won't find in regular publications or news trade magazines.


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